Admission information

Admission into any of KCN’s programs is the sole responsibility of the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Prospective students are requested to write to their pre-tertiary institutions to send their transcripts (officially stamped and authenticated) to the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Any transcripts an individual prospective student mails to the KCN will not be accepted. Official transcripts should be mailed to the Dean of Academic Affairs via

Admission information

The admission body in the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs reviews all applications when all required documents have been received. Applicants are advised to apply at least two (2) months before the commencement of a semester to which they want to enrol.

New application

To be considered for admission, new applicants should submit the following;

-A completed online application for undergraduate degree admissions

-A hundred (100) euros non-refundable application fee for undergraduate candidates

-An official high school transcript for undergraduate applicants. All official (issued and certified by the previous institution of the candidate) issued in languages other than English must be accompanied by a recognized and certified English translation.

-An admission of a prospective student will strictly depend upon the individual’s level of English proficiency. This proficiency level can be found by either of the following ways

  1. English language pass level indicated on the transcript with an additional internal examination conducted by KCN
  2. A proof of a copy of the test scores from either Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or any other results from a recognized institution which offers English Language proficiency test.The results should be officially certified for authenticity.

-Additional information which may enhance the eligibility of a prospective student for admission includes;

  1. A resume of school or community involvement- positions held and awards received
  2. A letter of recommendation from school authorities.
An Official Transcript

An official transcript is a comprehensive record of academic progress, including transfer courses credit earned by examination and earned degrees. High school and college transcripts must have the following;

  1. Dates the student attended the institution
  2. Titles of courses and examination completed
  3. Grades (marks) received
  4. Credits or ECTS, hours or units earned
  5. Any degree or diploma earned

Applicants should send their official transcripts and all other relevant documents from all institutions attended to MARKED FOR: Dean of Academic Affairs. King’s College of the Netherlands (KCN) or through post to King’s College of the Netherlands (KCN), Attention: Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs, Erasmusweg 8E, 2532 CP, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Pre-university Examination Requirements for Admission

For all prospective students applying for admission into both Theology and Business programs, the following grades are required at secondary school level

  1. Passes in both English language and Mathematics with grades not lower than C
  2. In additon, there should be grades in four (4) other subjects not lower than D
  3. In total passes in six (6) subjects including English language and Mathematics are required for admission.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements may be offered temporary admission on the condition that they will take an internal examination at KCNin the first semester to ameloriate the poor secondary school results. A prospective student may also be offered admission temporarily when all the relevant documents for admission into any of KCN’s programs are incomplete. Such a candidate only obtains full admission upon receipt of all relevant documents. The candidate’s inability to provide them for KCN within the first three (3) months of admission will have the individual’s admission revoked.

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