Brief description of KCN’s Business programs

KCN Application

BS Accounting

King’s College of the Netherlands’ Bachelor of Science in Accounting program has a duration of  3 years and a total of 180 ECTS. This program provides students with knowledge, skills and tools necessary to successfully enter into the accounting profession. BS Accounting offers students both theoretical and practical accounting training that allows them to identify and appreciate the job and career opportunities in both corporate and public accounting environment. This program applies technology which drives global business environment.

BS Finance

BS Finance at KCN is an intensive program which is accomplished in 3 years. A student has to earn 180 ECTS to complete this program. BS Finance combines finance, economics, accounting and other business courses with a goal of arriving at sound financial decisions. BS Finance straddles on financial tools and methodologies which are critical for small and large businesses to thrive and succeed. Corporate finance, investment and financial institutions and markets and many other related fields will be dealt with.

BA Entrepreneurship

BA Entrepreneurship at KCN involves the introduction to the disciplines of finance, accounting, marketing, management and many other related areas. This 180 ECTS program takes 3 years to cpmplete. BS Entrepreurship program uses a holistic study approach to empower students to identify, explore innovative ways to start new businesses or help grow existing ones. Students are taught to explore, identify, recognize and critically assess business opportunities, undertake economic and resource feasibility analysis which will inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset and plan of action.

BS Management Science

The Management science program at KCN is a 3-year program which is accomplished after earning 180 ECTS. This program examines the relationship between an organization, its leaders and employees. Students are trained to develop their competencies to enable them drive growth and innovation in their companies. In Management science, some business models which aid business management are developed. Besides, students will acquire skills necessary to effectively manage people, analyse management problems, develop sound business practical and communicate effectively.

BS Management Information System

The Bachelor of Science of Management Information System (MIS) is a management technology program offered at KCN. It combines both technology and business concepts to provide the knowledge and skills that are needed to solve present and future Information Technology (IT) related business challenges. In this program, there will be application of Information Technology solution. Courses in project management, data analysis and core business concepts will be studied.

BS Business Administration

Business Administration taught at KCN takes three years to complete and has 180 ECTS. BS Business Administration covers many subject areas such as financial accounting, finance, marketing, economics, business law, statistics for business, global business strategies, computer application and systems, business communication and critical thinking, business ethics, management and many more. The holistic approach to studying different and relevant subjects in Business Administration makes it a business program which provides effective solutions to the intractable problems and challenges in the rapidly changing business environment. By successfully completing this program, students are equipped with management skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, writing skills and many more.