Type: Onsite and Online

Duration: 12 weeks

Level: Intensive

Award: Certificate

Language: English

Eligibility: Interested students and company employees

This course introduces students to the basic tenets of the legal system in the world market. Against the backdrop of a case intensive approach, the course commences with the foundational elements of public international law by examining sources of law, comparative law, and state responsibility. From this basis the course continues with an examination of private international law and the legal effects on individuals and business organizations. Topics include dispute settlement, corporate organizations, foreign investment, international trade, contracts, intellectual property protection, and product liability. Both lecture and Socratic case study will be used approach.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course

Students should be able to learn how to spot and analyses relevant international legal issues.

Students should develop a broad understanding of international business law as regards international business contracts, breaches of the business and consequences etc.