Type: Onsite and Online

Duration: 12 weeks

Level: Intensive

Award: Certificate

Language: English

Eligibility: Interested students and company employees

This course aims to provide additional knowledge and understanding to augment existing ideas and theories of responsible leadership and to bring forward the voices and practical experiences of business leaders. It approaches responsible leadership from a constructionist perspective and highlights the importance of leadership processes. This approach considers responsible leadership in today’s fragmented business environment as increasingly formed through interaction between people. Thus, the practice of good responsible leadership is conceptualized foremost as the ability to work within and through relationships in which language plays a central role (Language power).

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course,

  • Students should be able to interpret interaction in certain social leadership contexts based on leaders’ individual accounts.
  • Students are expected to be responsible leaders.
  • Students should know that rersponsible leadership is a sharing activity.
  • Students should identify leader’s personality or character traits.