Type: Onsite and Online

Duration: 12 weeks

Level: Intensive

Award: Certificate

Language: English

Eligibility: Interested students and company employees

This course is to prepare students to develop the skills and the mindset for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship involves many disciplines which are useful for identifying opportunities which enable individuals to set up businesses. Students will use both the integrative and investigative methods to enable them identify business opportunities and which will enable them to come up with business concepts for an eventual development of business prototypes.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course;

Students should know the definition and understand the characteristics of an entrepreneur

Students should identify and understand the characteristics of a business idea

Students should be able to spot or create an opportunity.

Students should know and understand the legal forms of starting a business

Students should know the different legal forms of business entities and their implications for riks and rewards

Students should be introduced to the concept of business plan- purpose, design types, parts of the plan, market research, target market, competitor and market analysis, SWOT analysis etc.