Modes of Instruction

King’s College of the Netherlands (KCN) uses strictly ONLINE mode of teaching and instruction in both the faculties of theology and business. Our online education enables students to develop their talents to the fullest. KCN’S rigorous and holistic approach to education where the whole person-body, soul and mind are developed is the key that unlocks and maximizes the potential of the individual.

Online program

By enrolling in one of KCN’s online programs either in theology or business, you are consciously creating a balance between scholarly excellence and lifestyle which after graduation, certainly prepares you for outstanding performance in your career and contribution to an industry of your choice.

Why Study Online with KCN?

  1. Flexibility and convenience: Work at home, office, or any other space of your choice. What is needed is to just devote a few hours to get tuition from a virtual classroom and therefore your full-time is not disrupted.
  2. Technologically-Aided: Today majority of people have at least a basic understanding of the internet which facilitates learning online. Working from home or elsewhere where computer is available, you can email your lecturers with questions that bother you at any time. The internet offers countless resources for students as well as lecturers since it enables them to gain access to the online databases and other research materials.
  3. Affordability: Tuition fees are significantly low, no travels, no visa requirements, no residential requirements in a foreign country. This means you can earn a degree from KCN without leaving the comfort of your home. The quality of our online teaching and instruction is at par with the physically classroom-centered teaching and instruction. Earning a degree online does not compromise the quality!