Students’ Support Services

The Office of the General Administration is responsible for advising and coordinating students, faculty and staff. This office informs students, faculty and staff about understanding the various academic programs and policies King’s College of the Netherlands (KCN) runs.This information particularly enables students to holistically actualize their goals in life. It is therefore the responsibility of this office to orient students and advise them on the necessity and importance of studying at KCN and what KCN has to offer them.

For any information about this office, please contact Head of General Administration via the following telephone numbers: +31(0) 70 4040420 or +31(0)616709906. This office can also be written to: King’s College of the Netherlands.  Attention: Office of the General Administration, Erasmusweg 8C, 2532 CP The Hague, the Netherlands. Email:

Academic Counselling

Regarding students’ academic performance at KCN, the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs is responsible to monitor and advise students on the progress report of an individual student’s academic performance. When a student’s performance is below expectation, the dean and a senior member of staff especially the head of the legal Affairs would confer with the student to find out the possible causes of low performance and proffer possible solutions. For any information on the Office o the Dean of Academic Affairs, please call: +31 (0) 684249839 or write to King’s College of the Netherlands. Attention: Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs, Erasmusweg 8E, 2532 CP, The Hague, the Netherlands. Email:

Accomodation for students

Finding accomodation as a student is always a daunting task. In view of this, KCN’s administration assists our students in finding accomodation in the city The Hague and its immediate environs. The responsibility of finding suitable accommodation for KCN students is with the Admission’s Coordinator.


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