1. Online/Onsite Certificate course of Old Testament survey

Take a 12-weeks survey of the Old Testament. You will learn the nature, setting and the purpose (“heart”) of each of the Old Testament books. We will also learn of the uniqueness and application of each of the books. What is more, you will discover where in each of the books a reference is made to our Lord Jesus Christ. Enhance your knowledge of the Bible through interactive study at Kings Bible & Business College in the Netherlands (www.kings-college.nl). Qualified Bible teachers in this field are ready. Apply now via our website.

  1. Online/Onsite Certificate course of the New Testament survey

Do you want to know more about the New Testament?  Then let us take a journey together by studying the 27 books in 12 weeks. You will learn the authorship, the nature, the purpose and the book. In addition,you will identify some key verses in each of the books. Kings Bible & Business College in the Netherlands is the college to give you an elaborate study of these books. (www.kings-college.nl). Experienced lecturers are waiting for you!  Apply now via our website.

  1. Online/Onsite Certificate course on Christian Maturity

Christian maturity should be the goal for believers in Christ. In other words, believers are to reach the “very height of Christ’s full stature. This course will take you through the process of growth identifying certain hindrances to Christian growth and maturity. Emphasis will be placed on the work of the Holy Spirit. This course is an interesting one because it will certainly show you where you are in this journey. Interested? Then register online with Kings Bible and Business College (www.kings-college.nl). This will certainly be a practical and interactive course. Lecturers are on standby.

Duration: 12 weeks

  1. Online/Onsite Certificate course on Hermeneutics

In order to better understand the Bible, there is the need to interpret what the scripture says. Wrong interpretation has an inherent danger of bringing about false teachings. This 12-weeks intensive interactive course on hermeneutics will provide you with the right tools to interpret the Holy Scriptures. Join our new class for this course which is taught by experienced and qualified lecturers of the Bible. Registration is via our college’s website (www.kings-college.nl).

  1. Online/Onsite Certificate course on Pauline Writings

Paul, previously called Saul was an ardent persecutor of the followers of Christ in his days. He was a Jew who had a strict adherence to Judaism and that Christianity was vehemently opposed. The unexpected and dramatic transformation came into his life when he met the Lord on His way to Damascus to persecute Christians (Acts 9). This course of 12 weeks duration will touch on his personal life, God at the center, salvation of God, the Christian life and many other topics which all fall under his letters. Paul’s contribution to the New Testament Theology is immense and interesting and worthy to be studied. Interested to join our next class on Pauline writings? Then register at Kings Bible and Business College website (www.kings-college.nl).