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Why KCN?

Education in whatever form (formal or informal) it is given, is the key to human development. Consequently, education is a necessity for the overall development of people. The Bible explicitly states in Hosea 4:6 that my people perish because of lack of knowledge. In other words, without knowledge, human development is constrained. However, dreams of many people who wish and aspire to acquire knowledge for self-development through education have not been actualized in most cases, due to the enormity of the financial costs that formal education entails. To help alleviate the huge financial problems which become an albatross for students on completion of their respective academic programs, KCN has chosen to offer academic programs through online learning. Principally, KCN uses both conventional and non-conventional methods of imparting knowledge, with the aid and support of computer technology.


Who We Are

KCN holds the view that combining these different methods of educating students ensures and allows flexibility and minimizes pressures which many students encounter in pursuance of a chosen field of study. What is more, experience has shown that many people prefer to work full-time jobs and pursue part-time academic programs and that preference is what KCN stands for. Therefore at KCN, we are committed to an education within a flexible and a dynamic environment. KCN attracts students from all countries of the world and peoples from all walks of life. Our staff and faculty are trained by some of the prestigious seminaries and theological colleges in the USA. Aside from the quality theological education KCN faculty members possess, a sizable majority of them have gained practical experiences as pastors and church leaders in their denominations.

The faculty of business consists of lecturers with high quality degrees also obtained from some of the prestigious universities in Europe and have equally gained several years of teaching skills and experiences from some of these universities. 

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We provide a high-quality Biblical theology education that is accessible to all people of age who desire to have deep and intimate knowledge of Bible theology.

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